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Added: PH41, PH338, PH475, PH702, PH767, PH1321, PH2398, PH4186, PH4682, PH4949, PH5224, S2863, S2894, S3485, S11345, SK1010, Y40, Z2125, Z31879.

Removed: Y39, YP4964, Z2123.

Moved: Z95.



Added: B254, B255, B256, B273, F2561, FGC5054, FGC9126, FGC38729, M189, M10072, P378, rs2381324, rs368228091, rs368587345, rs370756633, rs370759530, rs372737012, rs377052367, SK1806, SK1822, SK1824, SK1877, SK1882, YP4964, Z30835, Z31007, Z33118, Z33330, Z33345.

Removed: M4, M104.



Added: F830, F1154, F2569, F2905, F3163, L735, Z4762.

Removed: L732, M128, P189 (hg N).



Added: DF99, Y3550, Z225, Z229, Z272, Z2552, Z2557, Z2560, Z31644, Z34609.

Removed: CTS4466.



Added: CTS4800, F3133, L581, P259, P323, P354, P369, PF4610, PF5401, S23154, Y4036, Y5014, Z575, Z1827, Z6049, Z6064, Z7430, Z7671.

Removed: L559, M241, M3684, M3727, P131, PF7394, YSC253, Z467, Z6055, Z6056, Z12203.

Marker M530 renamed as L24.



Removed: L780.



Added: B65, B477, CTS713, CTS4065, F549, F650, F789, F1252, F1614, F3918, FGC11, FGC6064, K4, K7, K281, L136, L754, L991, L1284, M349, M2398, M2481, P49, PF7545, PH1165, PR2099, S4924, Y6304, Y7771, Y11151, Z1889, Z2324.

Removed: CTS11667, L222, L817, L1255, L1187, M88, M111, M312, M427, M428, PF5852, SRY10831, V69, YSC73, Z641, Z1834, Z1850, Z1865, Z2329, Z2356, Z5921, Z8031.

The haplogroup M label was upgraded to a higher level to define M-P397 and haplogroup S was thereby subsumed into haplogroup M; MPS was relabeled as MP.



Added: Z14258, P355, P377, M2783, S17250, MG2, F1370, CTS11667, CTS5762, CTS2488, CTS4544, Z6717, Z6718.

Removed: F650, L141, P16.

Moved: M38 (including subbranches), M347 (including subbranch).

Marker GM1 renamed as Z14262.



Added: P295, P405, P397, P399, P315, P60, P308, P336.

Marker M1221 renamed as P331



Added: M111, S3058, Z91, M558, Z95, Z8057, FGC396.

Removed: Z280.


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Added: YSC73, PF5008, PF5050, PF5125, Z6055, Z6056, L558, Z1846, Z500, Z438, PF5294, Z7700, Y39, Z2123.

Removed: L136, L581, Z2227, Z2229, Z1848, M68, Z387, PF4888, PF5401, F3133, Y40, Z2125.



Added: Y2659, M582, CTS6.

Removed: M2713, M2826.


18-Feb-2014hits counter

Added: CTS342, CTS4803, L645, PF3359.

Removed: Z8027, Z752, Z1823, L177.



Moved: M230.



Added: CTS11043, CTS583, CTS94, F1329, F2930, F3393, F4133, F4201, F650, F845, GM1, JST021355, K29, K362, K550, K60, K88, KL4, L1075, L1259, L1375, L1388, L1394, L405, L780, L811, L833, L901, L902, M1221, M179, M2308, M2826, M2853, M2940, M2970, M2972, M3684, M3727, P131, P311, P85, P90, P92, PF2824, PF5852, PR2906, PR5932, V244, V95, VL25, Y1280, Y1285, Y1332, Y1336, Z12203, Z1520, Z1569, Z1576, Z1627, Z1823, Z194, Z1941, Z30, Z331, Z4452, Z4507, Z5857, Z5865, Z5867, Z5899, Z5921, Z5926, Z5994, Z709, Z738, Z752, Z764, Z8027, Z8031, Z9469.

Removed: F1396, L1035, L1070, L149, L371, L42, L43, L576, L818, LLY22g, M407, M532, M57, P254, V100, V150, Z726.



Added: CTS4385, DF19, F11, F75, F444, F449, F964, F1144, F1206, F1396, F1462, L365, L621, L1373, M188, M386, M401, M532, N6, PF3146, PF5172, PF5197, YSC253, Z92, Z94, Z287, Z288, Z2103, Z2105, Z2432, Z6065.

Removed: L49, L176, L198, L584, L664, M47, M91, M159, M459, Z282, Z2223.

Moved: DF17.


26-Oct-2013 (i.e. the first version as published in Human Mutation)